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Baptist Regional School is a PreK-12 school dedicated to excellence in the spiritual, social, academic, and physical development of our students through the application of biblical standards and in cooperation with the home and local church. Our enduring commitment is to provide christian children with an education that is Biblically accurate, Christ-centered and academically superior. Our 1:1 Chromebook program is underway and our 1st Grade students love having their own computer! Students in 9th & 11th Grades also have their 1:1 Chromebook and are using them in their Bible, English and history classes as well. This year we launched into offering online courses and write essays for me offered by a partner online writing service. PreCalculus students are using Chromebooks for their course through a partnership with SevenStar Academy. They login and work on their assignments each day in class as well as having a live support teacher one day each week. Our PreK program gives your child everything they need to prepare them for Kindergarten! Check out our tuition – it is one of the lowest in the area for full day or half day!

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Baptist Regional School is competitive in Varsity, Junior Varsity and Junior High team sports as part of the Tri-State Christian Athletic Association. Middle School and High School students at BRS may choose to participate in a full range of extra-curricular athletic pursuits where they will not only develop their athletic skills through competition, but also develop skills in the areas of teamwork, cooperation, encouragement and application of biblical principles in real life situations. A professional academic service at can provide variety of custom writing solutions for students. They are coached by godly men and women who mentor their teams and build lasting relationships as they model Christ in their daily interactions.

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Baptist Regional School has a long history of excellence in the performing arts. Every student’s vocal ability is developed through compulsory participation in our Choirs PreK-8th grade, ensuring that every student will graduate with exposure to reading music and performing on stage. High School students may choose Chorale as an elective. Our A Cappella group, Vocal Forte, featured in the short video, competes each year at the ACSI Fine Arts Festival, Varsity Vocals (a national competition) and A Cappella for Autism fundraiser. Arts at BRS are not limited to vocal music. High school, college and university students often find it useful to get a helping help from write my paper for me companies such as this one. They provide high quality, original work on any subject and topic. Students in grades 5-12 have the opportunity of participating in instrumental programs for both the Middle School and High School. Visual art classes are required for all students in PreK-8th grade with High School electives classes in various mediums as well as an art portfolio class for students anticipating a career in the various aspects of art.

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