National Honor Society

In 2000 Baptist High School was granted a Charter in the National Honor Society.  Our first Induction Ceremony was held on January 8, 2001.  Thursday, October 12th, we held our 17th Induction Ceremony.  At Baptist Regional School selection for the NHS isn’t just based on grades or leadership or community service, but also character, as defined by us as Christian testimony, a a very important criteria.

Students must maintain a 3.5 GPA and demonstrate success in the other areas, but the five person selection committee looks for evidence of spiritual growth and testimony in the lives of the students academically eligible for consideration for NHS.   Benjamin Franklin reports in his Autobiography that he tried to work on various components of character for a month at time assuming that at the end of a year he would have strong character.  He reports that the approach didn’t work.  As soon as he mastered one good trait and went on to the next, the first one started slipping out of his grasp.  Character cannot be developed through good resolutions and checklists.  It requires a lot of hard work.  More important, Jesus Christ – the only person who has ever consistently excelled in every virtue we could name – offers to develop his character in us as we follow him.  This is an offer we can hardly refuse.  By demonstrating such qualities as respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring and citizenship, we may hope to prove by example that we value character and model our lives after our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Conor Ball, Colin Bier, James Carter, Matthew Gall, Jacob Hay, Madeline Jones, Margaret Jones, Sarah Landini, Grace Pehrman, Yuying Situ, and Lydia Tomasella joined current members Caleb Carpenter, Mason Cioffi, Olivia Hyland, Kayla Schoolar, Ian Sneller and Max Thompson.  We congratulate these students on their accomplishments!