Gayle Stephens

Education & Degrees

Bachelors of Science, Foreign Language Education, Bob Jones University


ACSI Teacher Certification


1998 – Present BRS

Classes / Roles

High School Spanish I
High School Spanish II
High School Spanish III
High School Spanish IV


As a child, Gayle’s favorite playtime activity was playing, “School” with her neighborhood friends. Her father hung a chalkboard in the garage; the kids arranged picnic benches and lawn chairs as desks. She loved being “teacher” and always knew she wanted to teach. In college, due to an extended medical leave, a professor asked Gayle to teach her Spanish 1 classes, providing valuable classroom experience before student teaching. Upon receiving her college degree in 1981, Gayle was awarded the Foreign Language Department Award during commencement exercises. After graduation, she married William Stephens in June of that same year. They have two children, Douglas and Jennifer, and two grandchildren. Coordinating Study Tours to Spain, France and Italy she challenged her students to put their speaking skills to the test, discover the linguistic similarities of the Romance Languages and enjoy the numerous architectural, artistic and historical sites unique to each tour.