New Tech Curriculum

Technology Integration


Components of the technology program for PreK-8 include keyboarding and software along with the integration of classroom studies so students use the computer as a tool to develop projects and presentations.

Students in grade 1 each have a Chromebook for classroom use.  In addition to their classroom teacher utilizing the Chromebooks on a daily basis, the computer teacher works with them to develop the skills necessary for them to work proficiently.  For students in grade 9 the use of Chromebooks is beginning to be integrated into their curriculum in their Bible, English and history classes.  Each 9th grade student is assigned a Chromebook for use in the classroom.  Two additional grades will receive Chromebooks each year as the 1st and 9th grade students move through school.

We have also integrated an online course into the curriculum this year.  Eighteen students take a class together online under the supervision of a monitor in their classroom.  They are developing a skill essential to students pursuing a college degree where they will be required to take online courses as an integral part of their education.