1:1 Chromebooks Program Begins

The Board’s Strategic Plan for BRS includes 1:1 Chromebooks implemented over a period of time.  This September the program began with all 1st grade students receiving their own Chromebook to use in their classroom.  Can you imagine the excitement on those faces as they opened their computers for the first time.  They power up, login and begin working!

The second part of the plan is putting Chromebooks in the hands of all 9th grade students.  They will be receiving theirs this week and initially will only be using them in the classrooms.  As soon as their carrying cases arrive they will be using them for homework as well as classwork.

The third part of the plan is providing our PreCalculus class with Chromebooks as they take an online course for the first time in school history.  They carry their Chromebooks with them and are able to use them in other classes as well.  They all meet together for a scheduled class with Mr. Welsh as their monitor.  Graham Gilbert a retired math teacher with many years of experience meets with during class time every Wednesday to be a live resource to answer any questions.  He also responds to their questions via text for additional support.

Going forward, we would like to ensure that every BRS student takes one online course during their years here.  Increasingly colleges and universities are requiring students to take online courses and we want our students to be sufficiently prepared to meet the demands of their future education, not only academically, but also technically!